Wills & Trusts

Wills & Trusts AttorneyAt Miller & Miller, we have spent decades assisting clients with estate planning and the probate process. We can not only work with you to plan your estate in a way that protects you and your family, but also see to it that your wishes are respected in the courts when the time comes.

Whether you have substantial wealth or you have very little, there are serious benefits to estate planning that are worth considering. Our firm is here to help you understand your estate planning options, providing the guidance and assistance you need to protect your loved ones and your hard-earned property.

Wills And Trusts

There are a variety of estate planning tools that we can use to achieve different outcomes. We tailor our services to fit your circumstances, with a focus on finding the most efficient,cost-effective way to protect your assets and carry out your last wishes.

At a bare minimum, we encourage clients to draft a will that dictates who will get what, and who will be the executor of the estate. A will saves confusion and helps prevent disagreements about what the last wishes of the deceased actually were – disagreements that can tear families apart. Even if you have very little to leave behind, we can draft a simple will to make sure your loved ones know what you wanted.

With a trust, we can often find more cost-effective ways of passing on your assets. A trust will often allow you to minimize excessive taxation on your assets and avoid probate, which can be costly.


When it matters most, you want to be sure that your last wishes are respected. Our firm can guide your family through the probate process, minimizing the burden and expense that can be particularly overwhelming when grieving, and allowing for your wishes to be carried out with minimal strife and delay.

Posted by: kshain on July 14, 2016