Corporate Law

Corporate Law AttorneyFor decades, Miller & Miller has assisted corporate and business clients with a variety of legal needs, and presently represents several banks and other prominent businesses in the Emporia area. Whether you need help with starting a business, entering into complex contractual transactions, establishing employee policies that are compliant with State and Federal law, or any of the other various issues that today’s businesses face, we are here for you.

Our firm has the experience and the resources to help you and your organization on the road to success. Large companies have a legal team because they can afford to do so, but small to medium sized businesses rarely have that kind of budget. At Miller & Miller, you can obtain the informed legal counsel you need for your company, without having to pay the salary of a full-time attorney.

Business Formation

Some of the most critical decisions for your business are made when it is formed. Choosing between forming a corporation, limited liability company, or other legal entity can have serious advantages or consequences for how you are able to run your business and whether you can be held financially liable for its debts. Our firm can advise you on the legal entity most appropriate for your situation, and can provide the initial policies which protect your enterprise now and in the future.

Business Organization & Policy

Once you have established your business, you need to capitalize on changing circumstances and protect yourself from emerging threats. Our firm can assist you in implementing efficient and legally compliant policies to guide the day-to-day operations of your enterprise, and can help you protect its assets in an uncertain future.

Employment Law

If you have even one employee, you need to make sure you are in full compliance with state and federal regulations. The more employees you have, the more important it is that you make certain your operation is legally sound. Our firm helps employers meet all regulatory requirements, and we can defend your company should legal action be necessary.
Please contact Miller & Miller now to discuss your business legal needs. Our firm is here to answer your questions, and help you accomplish the outcomes you want and need for your company.

Posted by: kshain on July 14, 2016