Contract Law

Contract Law AttorneyBeing able to rely on contracts is a necessity for confidence, predictability and safety in the business world. Unfortunately, not all contracts are as reliable as they could be. Depending on how the contract is written, it may not dictate the terms that you think it does. And even if the contract is well-drafted, there is still uncertainty about whether those that sign it will honor their commitment. No matter how air-tight, some parties may still attempt to avoid meeting their obligations.

Contract Negotiation

For those looking to enter into a contract, whether it is a complex business transaction or a private arrangement between individuals, it is impossible to negotiate optimal terms without an understanding of how contracts work and what can be done. Our firm can not only professionally negotiate with the other parties to increase the value you receive, but can also identify and address issues that could otherwise prevent the transaction from closing or cause serious issues down the line.

Contract Drafting

Once an agreement has been reached between the parties, you still need to draft the contract to make that agreement enforceable, and in the manner you intended. Our firm can provide that service, giving you the advantage of a legal document custom tailored to your situation. For persons that need specific contracts on a regular basis, our firm can also provide you with a custom template form that allows you to easily modify the terms you need to adjust while keeping the protections that you need.

Contract Litigation

Contracts are complex, and without the right negotiation and drafting you can find yourself subject to a lawsuit. Even when you have made the proper investment and have entered into an optimal contract, you still have to enforce your rights in court or risk losing them. Our firm can assist you in either situation, allowing you to understand where you stand and how best to proceed.

Posted by: kshain on July 14, 2016